Greater than and Less than code requires you to disable HTML

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Greater than and Less than code requires you to disable HTML

Postby burger2227 » Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:23 pm

If you are having problems posting code and it uses >, <, >= or <= then check

Disable HTML in this post checkbox BEFORE posting.

Otherwise parts of the code may be moved or missing!

Also we have found that previewing a post prevents most Invalid Session Errors. Also try logging in with the Stay logged in check box checked. Some antivirus software will eliminate the cookie required here also.

Give it a try! Otherwise it may take away your Signature and the option to include it. Then you have to go edit it again to try to get it back in the post.

The Moderators

Disable BBCode in this post disables code boxes when you may want to use them! When posting code UNCHECK the box before posting!

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