Darkwoods I and II

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Darkwoods I and II

Post by {Nathan} » Fri Oct 22, 2004 6:28 pm

Hey, jocke, (or anyone else that has the source code to DW (1 or 2)) can you email me at nathant93@gmail.com with the source? you also might want to submit it in petes downloads... :wink:

Now, that you have taken time to read this, here is the good news. :D I have extra gmail invites!

1. Don't email me, pos ton this furum
2. Don't thank me
3. Be nice
4. Most likly first come first serve bases, unless you are impolite.

e.g. Ipolite:
I want!
Me! Me!
Give me a Gmail!

Hey, do you have any more? If so, I would like one please.
Hey, can I please have a Gmail account?
Hey, when you get more invites, can I have one?

NOTE: I will post when I am out, but post after that too because I will get more... and when I do I will check back here. Also, when replying, give me your first and last name please. Also, give me one of your hobies other than programming (mine is sleeping)

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